December 2015

Retaking The Bar Exam This February? Read This!

For July 2015, all first time New York bar exam takers had a 70% pass rate. All test takers (first time plus repeat takers) combined for just a 61% pass rate. So clearly repeat takers had a much lower pass rate than did their peers taking the exam for the first time. What this does [...]

November 2015

Message from Professor Marino: If you failed the bar exam and need to retake it this February, I can help you

I have been preparing students for the bar exam since 1975. My Marino Bar Course had a 94% pass rate on the July 2015 bar exam. The reason my students are successful is because I train them to pass the bar exam, not just teach them the law. Pass rates around the country have been [...]

October 2015

Who’s To Blame For The Falling Bar Exam Pass Rates?

Early results show the bar exam passage rate has dropped again in many states. Law schools are blaming the students, but who is really at fault?  Have the law schools let their students down and are now blaming them? The average score on the MBE portion of the July 2015 test fell 1.6 points from 2014, reaching its lowest [...]