The Marino Family has for three generations helped aspiring young attorneys prepare for the bar exam, enhancing their law school knowledge and sharpening their test-taking skills.

Professor Joe Marino was named “the go-to-guy for those in need of bar review” by The New York Law Journal after helping JFK, Jr., the most famous retaker, to pass the bar, after failing twice with two other bar courses.

A former full time professor at New York Law School, credited for raising their bar passage rate from 57% to 94%  and a former lecturer for Barbri, Professor Marino earned a reputation for helping unsuccessful bar candidates to pass, most notably with his Retaker Course, the only program designed specifically for those students retaking the bar exam.

Part of the reason the Retaker Course has proven to be so successful is Professor Marino’s unique understanding of what causes the vast majority of retakers to fail. If being smart and knowing the law was all that students needed, they likely would not have failed. However, passing the bar exam requires more than simply knowing the law; it requires the knowledge of what to do with it. In his Retaker Course, Prof. Marino combined the recall and memory component of bar studying with his exam performance workshops, teaching students how to apply the legal rules to the test questions.

Generations of attorneys nationwide have attributed their bar exam success to Marino and send their children and grandchildren – as well as their legal interns and law clerks – to Marino for bar exam preparation. It is a tradition that has continued for 70 years.

If you or anyone you know has been unsuccessful on the bar exam, send them our way – we are happy to help them pass!