For July 2015, all first time New York bar exam takers had a 70% pass rate.

All test takers (first time plus repeat takers) combined for just a 61% pass rate.

So clearly repeat takers had a much lower pass rate than did their peers taking the exam for the first time.

What this does mean for those students who were unsuccessful in July?

It means that if you failed the first time, your chances of passing are worse on your next try.

But – why are retaker pass results so much lower?

Many first time bar courses offer a discounted or free “redo” for their customers who failed the exam the first time. So many students opt to go this route when they retake the test.

They spend their time regathering the same information they studied the first time and devote the bulk of their efforts to rewatching the same videos and studying the same outlines and notes.

Therefore they get the same result.

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